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Sewer Repairs

If you live around the Los Angeles area of Southern California and find yourself in need of a company who does more than just clean the drains at your home or place of business, then you should definitely make one of your first phone calls be to Salgado Plumbing. We have more than 20 years of experience helping our customers with sewer repairs and more, and it doesn’t matter if you need a main sewer line cleaning or sewer line repair, we can take care of you. Our techs know how to identify if your pipes have been damaged to shifting soil, settling ground, or simply from old age, and we always get the job done right on the first try and will make use of a sewer camera inspection as required.

Many times, we also find that our customers are simply suffering from significant blockage issues that result from either foreign objects or grease build up that severely restrict the fluid flow in the pipe. For older homes and businesses, we also see that corrosion from over the years can result in line collapses as well, but no matter what, our team of highly qualified experts knows how to make the strong recommendations to you to get the job done in a timely manner for the least possible cost.

We also know how to take care of some of those pesky problems that arise with tree roots in the more established neighborhoods, and we aim to leave things as close to they naturally appear when you hire us to take on a drainage problem. If you have any questions regarding our sewer or other plumbing service options, please feel free to give our friendly team a call today. We are always happy to talk shop, and we will do our best to get you a free estimate on our work as quickly as possible.

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