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Heater Repair

Most home owners do not even think about their water heater until they have a problem with it. Once you do have issues, you will want to seek out an established and qualified company to take care of your heater repair service before it turns into a more comprehensive water heater replacement need. If you find yourself in this position, then you should definitely give the team at Salgado Plumbing a call today. Our shop of fully qualified and certified plumbers has been around the block once or twice during our more than 20 years of being open for business, and you will not be disappointed in the quality of our work when you make us your top choice for water heater and other related plumbing work around Los Angeles today.

It doesn’t matter if you have noticed that your water heater is leaking, making noises, or just doesn’t work like it used to, you should definitely give us a call for one of our technicians to come out and see what we can do to fix your issues today. It doesn’t matter if you have a gas or electric unit installed in your home, as your technicians have seen and dealt with them all, and we will always try to steer you to the least costly repair once our tech makes a full assessment of the problems that your home has. No matter what, you are in good hands when you make the smart decision to work with our team for your water heater and other repair needs.

Our company is also extremely experienced when it comes to installing new water heaters in our customer’s homes. Not every plumber that you come across in the Los Angeles area is experienced with all of the ins and outs that are involved when you are in need of either a new water heater in your home or for a new construction build.

Our team has more than two decades of experience dealing with all of the details required to successfully install a new water heater, and we also know how to give you the widest range of options possible when it comes to picking out the best model to fit your home or business’s needs. Most often, our clients face the choice of whether or not to stick with an electric heater or to make the shift to a gas powered one for their home. Although electric water heaters do not require the venting that gas powered ones do, they can be more expensive to operate and take longer to heat water for the home. We have also had a greater demand for consumers installing “tankless” heaters since they can cut utility bills by as much as 20 percent depending on your given situation. No matter what, our team can take care of your needs seamlessly. All you need to do is give us a call today to book your service appointment.

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